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A journey for the both of you

REIMAGINE your relationship with Eachother

52 weeks of us



52 Weeks of Us is more than a journal.

It's more than a diary... 

More Than a scrapbook.

It's the true "game" of your life.


Take the next 52 weeks to CHALLENGE each other, push your own limits, have fun, and see what other magic might happen. 

Be sure to tag us in all of your adventures using #52wou !!


Alex & Lydia's Journey-To-52


Follow the original #52couple, Alex & Lydia, as they embark on 52 weeks of challenges, adventure, and intrigue. 


card how-to's

Let us guide you towards setting the best card intentions for you and your partner! 

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Package Deals

Buying 4+ sets of "52 Weeks of Us" gets you discounts!! 

Challenging, exciting, and brings a surprise into your everyday life!
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